Welcoming Dr. Chris Luebkeman to our Leadership Council

We have the honor to announce that Arup Fellow and Director of Global Foresight + Research + Innovation at Arup, Dr. Chris Luebkeman, is joining our Leadership Council. In this capacity he will add his broad expertise and global perspective to a group of distinguished advisors who counsel The ClimateMusic Project on all aspects of its development.

Dr. Chris Luebkeman

Dr. Chris Luebkeman

At Arup, Chris works with some of the world’s leading companies to develop a better understanding of the opportunities created by change in our built environment. He promotes the highest standards of design and technical skill to ensure that Arup is one of the world’s leading practitioners in its chosen fields. He is an active participant in conferences ranging in scope from those of the Design Futures Council to TED and the World Economic Forum. Chris worked with the LTA of Singapore to craft their Autonomous Vehicle adaptation strategy, Qualcomm on their Connected Street Program, and with the executive council of the MTR of Hong Kong on their strategic plan 2030. His architectural practice focused on low-impact zero-energy homes; his engineering practice on mobile and deployable structures, and his teaching practice on the integration of building systems.

Chris has served as faculty member at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, University of Oregon, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Welcome, Chris!