We seek to make climate science personal. 

Combining the talents and expertise of world class scientists, composers, musicians, artists, and technology visionaries, we enable the creation and staging of science-guided music and visual experiences to inspire people to engage actively on the issue of climate change. 

As an analogy for climate, music is familiar, accessible, and—for most people—much easier to relate to than articles or lectures. We created The ClimateMusic Project to harness this universal language to tell the urgent story of climate change to broad and diverse audiences in a way that resonates, educates, and motivates. 

We are connected to a growing network of climate literacy and action organizations to seamlessly channel the emotive energy of our audiences into action.

In partnership with world-class collaborators, including ARUP and Kinetech Arts, we are working on exciting new content and leveraging technology that will allow us to reach audiences all over the world with new music and other content.

The following clip is from the composition that we are currently performing, Climate, by composer Erik Ian Walker in collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project. The full 30-minute piece spans 450 years (1800-2250AD) of the climate's past and present, as well as two possible future scenarios. The data sets are from simulations from the Community Earth System Model, an open model that has been used extensively in national and international assessments of climate change.

Members of our science team are on hand at our performances to provide context about each work and to explain how the music relates to the science.  Audiences also have the opportunity to engage with members of our science team, artists, and partners about solutions and opportunities to engage on the issue

If you want to learn more about our 2019 plans, you can access our overview deck here.

Our audiences confirm that ClimateMusic facilitates a visceral understanding of the urgency for action on climate change.  The following audience member quotes are representative: 

“It's the most powerful, visceral representation I have heard or seen:  because through the rhythm-tempo-dynamics-pitch we embody the music, instead of just looking at and away from the data"

"ClimateMusic has altered my perspective on climate change.  The risks feel more immediate, more real..."

"It really translates into visceral terms a threat that can often seem impenetrable and abstract...We can't wait to watch the project evolve and look forward to spreading the word" 

"It was really powerful – one of the most effective ways to communicate climate change that I’ve seen".


Stay tuned for new music in many genres.



Photograph provided by Melinda Fowler.

The ClimateMusic Project is operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Social Good Fund, based in Richmond, CA. For more information, please visit: http://www.socialgoodfund.org