June 9th, 7PM. Premiere of Icarus in Flight by celebrated composer Richard Festinger in collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project.  This new work models three human drivers of climate change: land-use change, population growth, and fossil fuel use. The award-winning Telegraph Quartet will perform the work at the Noe Valley Ministry,  San Francisco.  Click on the Icarus figure below for detail and tickets. 

May 17th, Understanding Risk Forum, Mexico City, Mexico.  Organized under the auspices of the World Bank Group

 Click on logo for more information about the conference

Click on logo for more information about the conference

April 25th, 7PM.  Live with Bill Nye at SFJAZZ in San Francisco.  This KQED-sponsored event is sold-out. 


April 15th, 7PM. Student recitals, San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM), San Francisco.  Come share a night of data-driven music, designed to bring emotion to the numbers and encourage action through sound. Students in the Theory of Musical Synthesis course have collaborated with “The Climate Music Project” to produce a concert of music inspired and driven by data related to global climate change. 

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Video Screenings

April 6, 2018, University of California at Berkeley, Earth Action Initiative, 7PM.  Our science advisor, Dr. Andrew Jones, will be on hand for post-screening Q&A.  For more information about the conference, click on the logo below

March 8th, 2018: University of Bordeaux,  France, at the international science symposium, From the deep past to the Anthropocence: Coupling Earth system function to climate change, sponsored by INRA

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February 7th, 2018 Peninsula School, Menlo Park, California




Here are photos from just a few of our previous shows...

june 9, 2018, Premiere of icarus in flight, noe valley ministry, san francisco

Composer Richard Festinger collaborated with The ClimateMusic Project for over a year to create our second portfolio work, Icarus in Flight.  This new chamber work models three human drivers of climate change--land-use change, fossil fuel use, and population growth--over 200 years, from 1880-2080.  We were thrilled to have the Telegraph Quartet perform the composition to a standing ovation at its premiere in June.  Our friends at Kinetech Arts  developed the advanced data animations that accompany the music, and Arup helped us frame the context of the evening through an outstanding multimedia presentation.   Our solutions partners The Global Footprint Network, Re-Volv, Cool Effect, and SF Environment were on hand to absorb the energy of the crowd following the performance. Photo Credits: Tim Guydish

may 17, 2018. understanding risk forum, mexico city, mexico

We performed Climate to a standing ovation at UR18, a global conference that included 1000+ representatives of government, industry, and NGOs from 100 countries.  The event was held at the 18th Century Palacio de Mineria in Mexico City's historic center.   We were honored to have James Balog join the post-concert panel discussion with Dr. Bill Collins, composer Erik Ian Walker, and Stephan Crawford. 

December 9, 2017.  Private showcase at the Taube Atrium Theater in San Francisco.  

This was a "show and tell" event for community leaders.  It included the breadth of our current work and collaborations, including  the premiere of a new dance piece by Kinetech Arts, and a demonstration of a VR experience embedding our content that is under development by our friends at FXPAL. 

April 28, 2017: PERFORMANCE AT Noh Space Theater, SAN FRANCISCO

This was our first collaborative show with our friends at Kinetech Arts, which premiered a short dance piece called "Vertigo", with science -guided music by composer Erik Ian Walker. 


April 22, 2017: CMP Team at the March for Science

Before the march, we had a featured post written by Laurie Goldman on the official blog for the march.  Our one-minute video also played at the march, attended by CMP's core team!  


April 21, 2017: PERFORMANCE AT UC Santa Cruz, Earth Summit

Our first campus event for a student audience!



June 2016: PERFORMANCE AT Grace Cathedral, San Francisco



November 2015 & February 2016: PERFORMANCEs AT Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, CA

Representative audience quotes following past performances

"I was profoundly moved and impressed by the science-driven approach to communicating such a nuanced and complex topic such as climate change through musical performance. I left the performance with a feeling that, personally, the CMP was the best artistic outreach project for scientific communication that I have encountered to date."

"I was hugely touched by your performance and had to hold back tears at the intensity and sense of urgency the music brought.."

"I've never been more moved by such a jarring cacophony of music"

"It's the most powerful, visceral representation I have heard or seen: Because through the rhythm-tempo-dynamics-pitch we embody the music, instead of just looking at and away from the data"

"It really translates into visceral terms a threat that can often seem impenetrable and abstract..."

“It was really powerful -- one of the most effective ways to communicate
climate change that I've seen”

"ClimateMusic has altered my perspective on climate change.  The risks feel more immediate, more real..."

 "What an amazing way to educate!"

"Really an impressive was very stirring and it evoked strong emotions, which only good music can amazing production really!"

"...I never felt as moved or motivated until I was able to sit through this experience. Thank you!"

"Holy Moses!...the music was so effective and beautiful..."





Photograph provided by Melinda Fowler.

The ClimateMusic Project is operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Social Good Fund, based in Richmond, CA. For more information, please visit: