Welcoming Dr. Whendee Silver and Dr. David Ackerly to our Science Advisory Committee

We are honored to announce that Dr. Whendee Silver and Dr. David Ackerly have joined our Science Advisory Committee.

Dr. David Ackerly

University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Ackerly is the Dean of the College of Natural Resources (CNR) and a faculty member in integrative biology with research interests in climate change impacts on biodiversity, integration of phylogenetics and ecology, and conservation biology in relation to 21st century climate change. He has most recently been working on programs that bring together multidisciplinary teams to explore broad research areas including the effects of climate change on biodiversity, the integration of phylogenetics and ecology and novel approaches to conservation biology. In the past decade, as a senior fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and member of the Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology steering committee, he has been increasingly involved in data-intensive projects. David received his B.A. in biology from Yale University in 1984 and his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1993. He is a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences and the Ecological Society of America, as well as a recipient of the Berkeley Graduate Division’s Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award.

Dr. Whendee Silver

University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Silver is the Rudy Grah Chair and Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at U.C. Berkeley. She received her PhD in Ecosystem Ecology from Yale University. Her work seeks to determine the biogeochemical effects of climate change and human impacts on the environment, and the potential for mitigating these effects. The Silver Lab was recently awarded the Innovation Prize by the American Carbon Registry. Professor Silver is a fellow of the Ecological Society of America and was named a University of California Climate Champion for 2016 for outstanding teaching, research and public service in the areas of climate change solutions, action and broad engagement.