Welcoming DJ Spooky to our Leadership Council


We are honored to announce that Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is joining our Leadership Council. Named by National Geographic as an Emerging Explorer in 2014, Paul is a writer, artist and musician who lives and works in NYC. His award winning first book, Rhythm Science, was published by MIT Press in 2005, followed by Sound Unbound in 2008 and The Book of Ice in 2011. Miller's work has been exhibited at museums and biennials throughout the world. He has performed in a wide variety of venues including The Tate Modern, The Guggenheim Museum, and The Herod Atticus Theater at the Acropolis, and has collaborated with a wide variety of artists from Chuck D to Yoko Ono. The iPhone App he developed with Music Soft Arts has been downloaded several million times. Most recently, Paul was awarded a $100,000 Hewlett Foundation grant to work with the Internet Archive to create an 11-movement multimedia production for string quartet, vocalist, and an original electronic instrument.   Please visit http://djspooky.com/ 

About our Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council provides expert guidance and collaboration to further The ClimateMusic Project’s goals, support fundraising, and enhance the Project’s visibility. The Council consists of visionary community leaders, committed to climate change action who wish to support our unique and powerful science-based approach to advance climate literacy and drive action through music.  For a complete roster and bios of our Council members, please see the Who We Are page on this site.