Spotlight on the people behind The ClimateMusic Project

Our team is made up of highly diverse, creative, talented, and energetic individuals…and it also spans several generations!  We’re starting off this feature with a profile of our youngest member, Riti Hegde.

What's your role on the project?

I am the social media manager for this project. I post regular content on our Facebook (The ClimateMusic Project) and Twitter (@climatemusic). My role is to post engaging content and interact with any brands, venues, and attract future ClimateMusic lovers. 

 Why did you become involved?

Over the summer, I wanted to reach out to professionals in industries I am interested in. I've always had an interest in both environmental activism and music, so I reached out, and I've been on board since last summer!

Here is a photo of something that inspires me to want to advocate for action on climate change.  This is a photo of a lake outside my grandfather's house in India. Even though cities will continue to grow, I want there to be these rural sights that people can enjoy 100 years from today.


 What do you think this collaboration between scientists and artists can achieve?

It is really hard to make climate change, a seemingly removed issue from most peoples' lives, seem like something relevant to them. For instance, if they are simply bombarded with facts and figures about the ice caps melting, that is not enough for people to feel they have a stake in this issue. Music allows us to reach out to all kinds of people, and attach some emotion to these seemingly cold statistics. I think The ClimateMusic Project is so valuable in the digital age because our work has the potential to reach anyone on the globe.

 What's your favorite kind of music and whom would you like to see CMP collaborate with next?

My music taste is very broad. The genres I enjoy most include: r&b, rap, country, Bollywood, swing, pop, etc. Dream collaborator for CMP? I would say Bob Dylan.

 What advice would you give someone who is looking to get involved in the fight against climate change?

My advice is plain and simple: get started! There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference. Start by doing a simple Google search of "How can I get more involved with climate change?" In my experience, people will be extremely receptive to passionate, proactive individuals who reach out to them to get involved.